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How frequently do you visit The Park Centre?

Main shopping centre

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Thinking about your most recent visit, how much do you agree with the following statements about The Park Centre?

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It was easy to find a parking spot
The centre offers excellent fresh food options
The centre has fashion stores that suit my needs
I feel safe and secure in this centre
The centre is better than other centres close by
The centre has good signage, maps and directions
The centre is clean and tidy
The centre provides enough choice and variety
The centre is visually appealing
The centre has good dining options (fast food, cafes and restaurants)
The centre meets my needs
The centre has good toilets and parents room facilities
I enjoy the atmosphere of the centre
I enjoy the community events/ activities held at the centre

Overall satisfaction

And, overall, how satisfied are you with The Park Centre?

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Overall satisfaction


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Hawaiian Brand Awareness

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Are you aware that the The Park Centre/ Hawaiian partner with a range of different community organisations?


What suburb do you live in?

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